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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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pass the fuck out on the. pakistan's prime minister office to work with india to end violence in kashmir while warning there retaliate if attacked. hello again i'm sure with al jazeera live from doha also coming up a safe passage for tens of thousands of people stuck in a remote unforgiving corner of syria also. they may have the money and the power we have the people u.s. senator bernie sanders delivers a familiar and hear stablish meant campaign cry as he announces another bid for the
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white house. and karl lagerfeld who dominated high fashion for hoffa sentry dies at the age of eighty five. now pakistan's prime minister has rejected india's accusations that his country is behind thursday's car bombing in the disputed kashmir region in a televised address imran khan offered to cooperate with his neighbor to investigate the attack and he asked for evidence which suggests that pakistan was involved earlier the top military commander in the indian administered kashmir blamed pakistan's spy agency for the blasts which killed forty one indian paramilitary soldiers he says his agents control the pakistan based armed group which has claimed responsibility for the complete attack and
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a call made last match to me reported stolen by usaid and the jail from across the border what happened when the local content is a matter of illustration so we have to leave out yonder we are very anyone who enters this year will not go to collate in detail so our focus is. well any conflict between these two nuclear powers has got wider implications for the region pakistan's ambassador to afghanistan has said a violent response from india would affect the on going peace talks between the u.s. and the taliban. is our correspondent in islamabad. tensions between india and pakistan remain at an all time high although did an offer from saudi arabia's foreign minister. that coded rabia would use its influence to try and deescalate the crisis between india and pakistan
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pakistan is also not taking any chances the pakistani prime minister said that he did not respond to the wild accusations from saying that it was because pakistan was hoarding a very significant conference for investment involved just on records being attended by that so did delegation he questioned as to what would be the benefit for progress on to conduct such an attack at that time which would be tantamount to separate dodging that gone friends and progress on it said they wanted to talk to india on all bilateral issues but the indian he said had already spun progress on golf whenever pakistan or for dialogue the prime minister said that pakistan one hundred feet in the region the foreign minister also created a day that day has to be based in the region however prime minister emraan khan also had a warning for india should there plan an attack against pakistan and the sun also
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today offering the indian government thought what is a vista geisha new do in this case the suggested involvement of any pakistani we are ready to cooperate with you if you have any actionable intelligence to provide us with us and we will take action and it's not because we are under pressure but because they are enemies of tax tony because they go against our interests. now with reaction from new delhi his fans jimmy know. india has to walk a fine line to balance appeasing voters in the upcoming election to show that the country is strong and the country secure while also trying not to escalate the situation in which pakistan may. ali eight now there are expected to be any type of armed military retaliation any time soon that's because of a visit by saudi crown prince mohammed bin some on he's expected in india on tuesday and leaving on wednesday but india is still insisting that pakistan's spy
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agency the i.s.i. did have a direct hand in last week's attack on its paramilitary convoy this is because india says their armed groups that are currently in pakistan territory they have publicly stated their intention to attack indian forces in the disputed kashmir region that's why india has continued to push its campaign to isolate pakistan diplomatically and financially now with iran high on the box and prime minister offering an olive branch to try to deescalate the situation india will hold firm that something has to be done about these armed groups in its territory or else they will continue their campaign and really push the all of branch away iran has arrested five people it accuses of carrying out an attack that killed twenty seven revolutionary guards in the southeast of the country iran says that two of them a from pakistan and three others are ethnic minorities one person remains at large iran had initially they in saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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for the attack but now says it was planned from inside pakistan islamabad denies this but a group called jaish addle has claimed responsibility the sunni group says it's fighting against the iranian government and for ethnic trite. russia says it's open to humanitarian corridors in syria to allow people in the rock band refugee camp to return home the camp is in the remote syrian desert near the border with jordan and iraq it's home to more than forty thousand people most of them women and children the corridors are expected to remain open for the next twenty four hours. as of today the refute a camp located near the military base keeps having problems the situation there continues to be catastrophic and its residents practically being held hostage by the u.s. live on the aged between life and death under these circumstances the syrian
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government with assistance from russia the unprecedented decision to open to humanitarian corridors to ensure the exit of internally displaced people from this camp to chosen places of residence more now from our correspondent in rank who's in gaza and tap on the turkey syria border. the big question everybody's asking is whether people will be allowed to leave the refugee camp and go to the humanitarian corridor that the russians and the syrians have set up there let me just give you the geography of the area you have the camp is controlled by free syrian army fighters then there is this no man's land likely to be about a kilometer and then then that's where the humanitarian corridor actually starts which has been put in place by the russians and the syrians and the russian commander on the ground has been speaking he says that people in the camps and forty thousand people mostly women and children are being allowed to leave the camp because of u.s.
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backed syrian bans as he calls them but what we're not understanding what we don't know is whether there has been any communication between the syrians and the russians and the free syrian army to allow those civilians in that camp to join the humanitarian corridor and to get back to places. they want to go back to the camp is in a very dire situation it only got for the first time in months or a few days ago and that but most people say wasn't enough the united nations has also spoken it's not part of this humanitarian corridor the syrian arab red crescent is actually part of the corridor and is there with the russian and the syrian forces but we don't know if the free syrian army fighters and the russians and the syrians have an agreement to allow people out to use the corridor and the clock is ticking this humanitarian corridor is only open for twenty four hours and elsewhere in syria the un human rights chief says two hundred families are trapped
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in eyesores last piece of territory in the east of the country u.s. backed syrian democratic forces are surrounded the village of by guus and it's expected to be captured within days about three hundred i suffices is said to be blocking the civilians from escaping. egyptian security forces are killed at least sixteen armed fighters in two separate raids in north sinai state media say the deaths were a result of an exchange of fire in the city of irish police also seize firearms ammunition and explosives in the raids and comes after three policemen were killed in a suicide bombing in central cairo on monday. the u.n. says thousands of people have been displaced by recent fighting in south sudan's yea state and that's despite a peace deal that was signed five months ago to end the five year civil war armed
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groups that didn't sign up to the agreement continue to fight against the government in areas like game river state from where have a morgue and sent this report. there's not much to live on in this house for betty and her children but she says she can't complain after all this is not her home that rather an abandoned house she found and was able to shelter in after fleeing her village to escape insecurity but it got over as loud as we were at home when we heard guns being fired we started running we ran in one direction the children ran in another we found ourselves in the bush and spent four nights there then we wanted to go back home but we found that everything had been looted so we left the village more than ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in the river state in south sudan the fighting between government forces and the opposition group known as the national salvation front are ness started in mid january south sudan descended into civil war in twenty thirteen two years after independence from
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sudan more than four hundred thousand people have been killed and a quarter of the country's twelve million population have been displaced as a result of a peace deal signed in sudan's capital her tomb in september last year the second attempt to end the war but not all worrying sides have agreed to peace we refuse this peace agreement disagreement of course does not address the source root causes of the problem. the issues are clear the. issues so far governance system that you want as a result the fighting continues as does the displacement animal is a good idea i ran away soldiers in uniform wanted to shoot me but one said they shouldn't shoot you know woman i saw them shoot and kill a child in front of me right in front of me he was killed aid organizations say the violence makes it hard to reach those who've been displaced from their homes and are in need of aid to survive many people who fled from villages in a river state have ended up here in the state's capital but thousands of others have fled into neighboring uganda and the democratic republic of congo eyed into
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the already huge number of south sudanese hope been displaced by fighting since twenty fifteen. the local government in a river state says it abides by the peace deal signed last year it's accuses the national salvation front of targeting civilians in its campaign to end president salva kiir is ruled this group is reduced to being citizens in their own local locations only refusing citizens to come to town. ducting says citizens wherever they find them. killing citizens for no reason south sudan is a young country less than a decade old fighting and the displacement of its population has dominated throughout its existence and the peace its citizens crave is elusive now as ever he morgan al-jazeera in a river city we take a look at the weather next van
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a wave of homicides in venezuela we take a look at why security forces could be to blame. the french president emanuel mark crowell visits a jewish cemetery where eighty graves have been vandalized. hello there we're expecting lots of wet weather over the southeastern parts of china over the next few days we've already got a fair amount of cloud with this you can see it his snaking its way towards the east now that is giving a fairly lively downpours but there we more as we head through the next few days so for wednesday then we've got wet weather all the way from the growing she province all the way up to the on hwy province and then that gradually intensifies as we head into thursday so some very wet weather is expected very heavy downpours and may even cause a little bit of flooding as we head out towards the west we're also expecting
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a lot of heavy rain here over the next few days two you can see the cloud on the satellite picture making its way across iran and into parts of pakistan now for some of us will see some fairly unusual rain for this time of year some of us could see quite a large amount of what weather more than you'd expect in the entire month and then that system gradually works its way eastwards for afghanistan looks like it will be pro dominantly snow and then as it works its way up into the higher ground in parts of india and pakistan of course we'll see lots of snow there in fact some of us could see over a meter of snow from this system further south largely fine and dry colombo there getting to around thirty two degrees and here it should be largely dry to out towards the west and here in doha the winds will be easing over the next few days and it won't be too hot either we're looking at around twenty two degrees. i mean green bacteria in a. super heated gas escaping from volcanic. what
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happened to experiments both exploring and. it's how the impacts of climate change the science of capturing cult using the name on the science on the back my maintains the mind does have to contend. for the top story. says he's ready to cooperate with india to investigate thursday's car bombing in the disputed kashmir region whilst warning against retaliation more than forty indian security personnel were killed iran has
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arrested five people it accuses of carrying out an attack that killed twenty seven revolutionary guards in the south east of the country. russia says it's open to humanitarian corridors in syria to allow people in the rock band refugee camp to return home the camp is in the remote syrian desert near the border with jordan and iraq it's home to more than forty thousand people most of them women and children. now the u.s. . has entered the twenty twenty white house race. running for president. well it's the independent said this is second attempt you may remember he lost the democratic policies toward the sixteen nomination to hillary clinton who was then defeated by donald trump in that is election with a seventy seven year old will campaign on many of the same promises as last time including universal health care
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a higher minimum wage and free public college tuition let's go live to our correspondents you have a town c.u.z. in washington d.c. in shihab last time betty sanders was picked to the post by hillary clinton this time he's entering the the field with a fairly crowded a ray of outstanding women candidates right but the reason why it's so crowded already is all of these candidates have the clad this because they are words about bernie's on his getting into the race he now enters the race as the front runner he has the biggest nationwide network of support his campaign structure the largest base of donors many of them small donors he has the best name recognition so now he is the front runner only joe biden barack obama's vice president polls better amongst democratic primary voters than than bunny saunders joe biden has announced as yet about seems to be perhaps where we're heading is another battle between the progressive wing of the democratic party as which was
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bernie sanders is now seen as the leader of even though he is an independent and he outs transformed the democratic party as a result of his twenty sixteen run and that sent some to right wing which was obviously hillary clinton's win in the last election which lost to donald trump which joe biden may well take on and some some of the other comments or distrust of that back closer to his well which is that corporate wing that certainly is making pains to say it isn't socialism isn't going for for huge radical change but many of the elements to his pitch this time around seem to be exactly the same as they were in twenty sixteen and they still going to have residence you think. well that was the point he made in the video that he released he says we're going to complete the revolution that we began in twenty sixteen of anything things are much worse unprecedented inequality he took once again about how the top three billion as in the u.s. are in the same amount of wealth as the bottom fifty percent of america's population
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as far as wealth is concerned these are all very resonant messages so resonant that again various other candidates within the democratic party have taken them on so he said he is running on issues as you mentioned of inequality of minimum wage or free tuition for college education addressing inequality and what do you have these people believe in when he talks about this stuff when you look at commodity areas for example the california and started to sing very well or relatively well in the polls right now or cory booker or others these are folks who actually don't have a terribly good record on these issues they've taken money from the lobbyist they've taken money from wall street or the criminal justice system or whatever so they have some i mean people don't necessarily believe them when they say ok now we're all for a we're all full fighting against inequality against the system but he saw those people do believe that should be an interesting fight you have a time to live from washington thank you i mean a u.s. policy exam because sixteen states is suing the president in an attempt to block
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his declaration of a national emergency in order to secure funding for a mexican border will the coalition is a sink lose california and new york and illinois and it's accusing the president of violating the constitution the president made the announcement on friday after congress refused to grant him the five point seven billion dollars he wants for the who the low seat is that president doesn't have the power to divert the funds because congress is in charge of spending john hendren is that correspondent to explains how the trumpet ministration is likely to respond. president donald trump faces his biggest challenge yet in the effort to build a wall along the u.s. border with mexico that is because sixteen states on monday filed a suit in the u.s. federal court asking the court to stop the president from moving forward with spending money based on his declaration of an emergency on the southern border they
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have a couple of reasons for that challenge the first they say is that the president does not control spending congress does under the u.s. constitution the argument that is likely to meet the maid on the president's side is that congress delegated some of that authority to the president under an one thousand seven hundred six law called the national emergencies act with those states also say that they will be using the president's word against him he said i didn't need to do this but i just wanted to do it faster and those states say that they are hurt because they are losing money for law enforcement military and drug interdiction and military construction the case is likely to go to the u.s. supreme court the u.s. district court in california where it will first be heard has often overturned president trump's arguments including on such things as immigration it is possible he will be blocked from this spending but it is unclear whether this case will take
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weeks months or possibly even longer and president composition at a public plea to venezuela's minute tree to support the opposition leader. the u.s. president gave a speech to venezuelans living in miami florida he told the crowd that the military would lose everything if it continued to back him battle president. we seek a peaceful transition of power. but all options are on the at the we want to restore our venezuelan democracy and we believe that the venezuelan military and its leadership have a vital role to play in this process if you choose this you have the opportunity to help forge a safe and prosperous future for all of the people of them as well or
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you can choose the second continuing to support. the so even before this power struggle venezuela's homicide rate to become one of the highest in the world one local independent monitors says a violent crackdown by the security forces is at least partly to blame it estimates that police and military killings rose fifty percent last year to raise a bo reports from the capital caracas. finding people that dare speak about police brutality is not easy in venezuela these days maybe a thriller says she lives in constant fear since her nephew allison who she races he was a baby was killed during demonstrations against the government last month he was fifteen years old i don't know. i never expected anything like this because if ellison had been a criminal then you can expect anything but it was not the case he worked in
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a bakery and apparently he went with friends to protest against the government. navia says her nephew was killed by a police special forces unit known as face when they entered got the neighborhood and got back us where protests have intensified in the past year or so for for all the charges socialist revolution used to run high in neighborhoods like this one but this situation has changed because of young going economic crisis and that's why the government has started a crackdown in neighborhoods like this one when the protests take place using special forces and other units people tell us that they're intimidated hair rast and sometimes killed when they raise their voice against the president. for this violence has been on the rise in venezuela especially in the country's poorest district among those who want supported or chavez socialist revolution haiti morning asuncion i get it was also killed by the police he was preparing a manger just before christmas when the police raided the area she says officers
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started shooting at everyone rula moved my son said it hurts but i thought he was talking about his cousin i didn't know he had also been shot they killed him my son play baseball and he said mom when i'm bigger or buy you a decent house and now he is dead we're going to do the good. and i guess cause and we got a look at that will suffer fine you are logical disorder his mother says he was helpless because. i saw a car and i heard the shot is. what i thought my son was hiding i never imagined my son was already dead he was disabled me. in two thousand and fifteen the government launched what's known as the people's liberation operation to fight crime in the country slums the fear is that as opposition against the government spreads so will its attempt to curtail dissent. the independent group violence observatory says that more than ten thousand people have been killed in the past two years as you
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and i knew the this is here that we reported in two thousand and seventeen five thousand people killed because of crime fighting operations last year increased to seven thousand five hundred this means that every day in venezuela the police in the military killed twenty people because they resisted authority that is the excuse they use in venezuela we don't have a death penalty we are talking about people killed on the streets or in their homes the government denies any wrongdoing and insist that those killed are part of criminal gangs people like aviemore he now say that's nonsense and that their children were victims of the security forces excessive and unnecessary abuse of power. that he said will i just see it at cuttack us the french president emmanuel mccraw is visiting a jewish cemetery where eighty graves were desecrated it happened in the eastern village of kut sanaa and that's close to strasbourg protests are planned in paris
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against the rising number of incidents against the french jewish community. from paris natasha butler has law. it's the latest attack against jewish people in france on saturday in paris french philosopher fingal kraut was insulted for being jewish during a yellow fest protest about the low blow reacting to the attack the french president wrote on twitter the anti semitic insults he has been subjected to all the absolute negation of what we are and what makes us a great nation we will not tolerate it last week a memorial tree to a young jewish man who was tortured to death in two thousand and six was vandalized near paris while in the city the german word for jews was sprayed across a popular bagel shop and to portray it was defaced of one of france's most famous women holocaust survivor and feminist minister cmon vai the graffiti on these
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letter boxes may have been a raise but the french government is struggling to make anti jewish sentiment disappear across the country in fact the french interior minister has called it a poison spreading across the country because over the past year attacks against jewish people have risen by more than seventy percent some people say that the yellow vest movement is being used as a platform by some protestors to express anti jewish ideas but the head of france's jewish students union says the recent attacks are a reflection of what he describes as an increasingly intolerant society. we can clearly see the level of violence in society this anti-semitism which takes many forms from islamist movements the extreme right and the ultra left we also see an extremely high level of homophobia is in a phobia and racism against migrants for daniel can all the events of the past week of evoked painful memories his eighty five year old mother was murdered in
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a home less than a year ago police said she was targeted because she was jewish. i think that france has fallen very low these people are fools on educated and they have no place amongst the yellow vests during the second world war france's government collaborated with germany's nazi regime and deported tens of thousands of jewish people today france is home to the biggest jewish community in europe but for some the shadow the past is never far away natasha butler al-jazeera paris the fiance of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi is again urging world leaders to take action against his killers deja jenji address the human rights panel of the e.u. parliament in brussels jamal khashoggi was murdered inside the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul last year. the moment has come for all international organizations to move forward as quickly as possible the perpetrators of this particular dark crime have to be prosecuted and justice has to prevail one might think this is
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a very exceptional event but leaders contemplate that this may not be as exceptional as one thinks this type of crime maybe something very frequent but we simply don't hear about it. one of the world's most famous fashion designers karl lagerfeld has died he was the creative director of chanel and an eye color of the global fashion industry for more than half a century now the felt was instantly recognizable for his ponytail his high starch colors his dark glasses. take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera pakistan's prime minister has rejected india's accusations that his country is behind thursday's car bombing in the disputed kashmir region imran khan says he's ready to cooperate with india to investigate thursday's car bombing in the disputed kashmir region he's also warning
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of retaliation if new delhi launches any attacks. russia says it's open to humanitarian corridors in syria to allow people in the rock band refugee cab to return home the camp is in the remote syrian desert near the border with jordan and iraq it's home to more than forty thousand people most of them women and children and that's you when you should probably most or you're so lucky to be ransomed as of today the rock band refute a camp located near the military base keeps having problems the situation there continues to be catastrophic and its residents practically being held hostage by the us live on the edge between life and death under these circumstances the syrian government with assistance from russia made the unprecedented decision to open to humanitarian corridors to ensure the exit of internally displaced people from this
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camp to chosen places of residence elsewhere in syria the un human rights chief says two hundred families are trapped in eisel piece of territory in the east of the country us but syrian democratic forces have surrounded the village of bugaboos and it's expected to be captured within days around three hundred eisel pfizer's are said to be blocking civilians from escaping. egyptian security forces have killed at least sixteen armed fighters in two separate raids in north sinai state media says the deaths were a result of an exchange of gunfire in the city of. and he's also seized mission and explosives in the raids up today there is the very latest headlines from jazeera coming up next it's the strain. the week began with a ninety day truce in the u.s. china trade. the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the
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biggest oil cartel we bring you the story is the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. ok and you are in the stream today india trade privacy for protection. critics say and government plan to curb the spread of misinformation online could lead to censorship let us know what you think tweet your comments or leave them in the chat and we'll do our best include them in our conversation. to discuss is what. time to.


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